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Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly is, an English film that is partly Hindi, directed by Abhinay Deo and produced by Aamir Khan. The film written by Akshat Verma is another tale of confusion and chaos. The witty dialogues and the wonderfully well worked out situations for humour make this an entertaining and delightful watch. It is a comic thriller that works just like one of those Guy Ritchie movies like Lock, stock and two smoking barrels or snatch.
The writing and the visuals of the film makes use of a style that manages to blend a 70's retro style and a post 2000 modern style with class. The balance between the styles opens space not just for something not much seen but also for some interesting humour. Jason West has literally made a masterstroke with the shots of Delhi Belly while Ram Sampath comes up with an extraordinary soundtrack that gives total support to the style of the film. With supremely intelligent casting, the makers of Delhi Belly have a clear winner right from the word go.
Ofcourse, there is foul language all over the film and quite a number of toilet jokes, but that is the way Delhi Belly is. Without those parts, it would have been incomplete. Also, the film does have scenarios and setups that look highly cinematic. Yet, the energy with which the cast carry out the scenes and the brilliance in the making holds Delhi Belly strong.
I loved it (like I can't hate it) 


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