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Kim Ki-Duk's Dream is yet again a strange film. I'm not much impressed with the film though there are a few interesting aspects in the film. The story of a guys dream turning real is not new. But due to the fact that it is connected to a girl who happens to be sleep walking at the time of the dream is quite an interesting idea. However this interest cannot last for 95 minutes and that is the place where the film fails.  The film is quite violent in nature as the end nears and there are a few highly imaginative scenes in the film. But in the end, Kim Ki-Duk's Dream is not a must watch.


Christopher Nolan is an excellent filmmaker. A filmmaker who has inspired me a lot. It was only hours back that I actually saw one of his earlier works. It was a short film titled Doodlebug. I did not like the film much but it definitely shows that Nolan wanted to make something that would be out of the box, something which I guess every aspiring filmmaker would try.
Christopher Nolan after this 3minute film went on to make a feature film titled Following which was shot on 16mm. Something I love about this film is the fact that the film has a brilliantly constructed narrative and some brilliant moments. The film has been shot in black and white and made on a very small budget. Christopher Nolan two years after Following went on to make his cult film, Memento, with Guy Pearce in the lead. The film was brilliant not just for its story but also for the skillful writing and also for the film making. The film goes in both the forward as well as the reverse chronology simultaneously. It been …