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The Orphanage

It is sad to know that The Orphanage is not categorized in the genre of horror film by The Orphanage is a brilliantly made horror film. Juan Antonio Bayona, the first time director, has made a very interesting film here. There is a very good vision from the makers side and that is evident throughout the film. The silence and the brilliant movement of the camera makes the viewing a very scary one. The film has very limited characters and they are good in their parts.  Though the writing has a lot of points that aren't refreshingly different from many of the other horror films, the making of the film does make the experience more worthwhile. The writing makes use of two of the most common elements-Ghost and Haunted House- that suit a horror film more than any other. Even then, the film's writing is constructed with some brilliance that the end of the film has a rather interesting conclusion. The film could be similar to Pan's Labyrinth in two ways. One would be the ass…