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The Village (2004)

Manoj Night Shyamalan'sThe Village can't be called a disaster as many critics would like to call it.
The Village is an innocent film. The film or the plot is in no way outstanding. But the storyteller in Shyamalan tells this less than spectacular tale with his trademark style. M. Night Shyamalan is one of the very few directors who works on the mood of the subject at hand. The Village is wafer thin in its plot and at times weird in its dialogues, but then it is filled with secrets and more secrets! In a line, it is a tale of an isolated village confronting an astonishing truth that lies just outside its borders. The terrific visuals of the village also tells one beautiful love story in the middle of its creepy atmosphere.
Adrien Brody, newcomer Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, and William Hurt give fighting performance to pass the fear and scare that lie in the mysterious woods. The cast looks refreshingly different from other Hollywood movies and it seemed to me for the go…


The Host, co-written and directed by Joon-ho Bong, is a noteworthy monster movie from Korea.
The Host is a satirical comedy with a very different monster. It does have family drama, sentiments, action, horror and more, all followed by some weird act which without doubt is to make you laugh(atleast once). It is this weird kind of comedy that works best in this monster movie. The visual effects of the monster is definitely worth mentioning due to its mix of unfamiliar nature, (familiar nature) and complexity.
The only major trouble with this flick is in classifying it. It is not complete in any genre. Yet, it has a bit of all the genres. Like every other monster movie made by man, this one too has its own plot holes every now and then. Also, this flick looks way too silly at points and mostly when you least expect it to be.
Despite every fact mentioned above (and considering the facts I have forgotten to write), this Host throughly entertained me. It was not the silliness of the movie but …

Stars On Earth

Taare Zameen Par, written by Amole Gupte and directed by Aamir Khan, will make you cry not because it's bad but because it's really good!
Taare Zameen Par centers around Ishaan Awasti played to perfection by Darsheel Safary. With such a brilliant performance in debut, I could remember only one other person- Ayesha Kapoor, who was mesmerizing as a deaf and blind girl in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black. Taare Zameen Par does star Aamir Khan, but the movie belongs to Darsheel all the way. But the highlight of the film is nothing but Amole's script which took him seven long years to complete. Definitely the pain he took all those years is fantastically visible on screen.
TZP does have it's shortcomings. Too many songs, though worth hearing and having some really good lines, tamper the narrative to a very large extent. The movie even moves at a snail pace in the second half.
But, Aamir who takes the director's chair with creative assistance from Amole creates a beautiful…


District B13 is a stylized slick action movie from France.
Pierre Morel, the cinematographer turned director, feels that his treatment would work wonders for a plot that is almost hollow. District B13 is top notch before it enters its main plot. By the time the movie starts to reveal it's plot it has actually finished with all the movie has got- the fast moves, the sharp cuts, the CG enhanced visuals and what the makers mean by action! We can see the ending coming once the movie is halfway through.
Still, district B13 without having offered anything new in its writing has made a masterful attempt in creating an action flick not many Hollywood makers would dare to make. B13 successfully manages to create the 2010 scenario with a template that reminds of nothing but video games. And just as in video games are the characters who have very less to speak or act about as they are all busy jumping around (all in the name of martial arts).
District B13 is a smart action flick for all those w…