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Before Sunrise

At this point, I'm all set to start writing on a film that talks about a boy and girl and nobody else. I wish my film to fall under the romance genre that Richard Linklater successfully brought out through his Before Sunrise. At the late hour of the night, I'm all alone at my home, awake. My idea to revisit Before Sunrise was indeed a nice one. It should be more than three years since I saw the film for the first time. Before Sunrise is still the same. The characters haven't changed and their romance and love is just as it was in the first viewing. The performance of the two characters carry the film throughout the 100 minutes. There are quite a few people who visit their life at different points of the day and night and it is merely the eye of the camera that sees them all through. Linklater has made an exceptionally brilliant talking film about a boy and girl who live beyond their names that was discussed just once in the entire film. The film talks for you and me, for …