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The Ghost Writer

I'm not interested in politics. The same was the case with the protagonist of Roman Polanski's The ghost writer. This film is one beautifully crafted political thriller even for those who aren't interested much in politics. The film based on the novel by Robert Harris is a very calm film. There is a lot of talking going on in the film but the smooth nature of building suspense and thrill in the film is one engaging thing. The pacing of the film is not that fast but the good performances and the smart ending is definitely worth it!

The Secret in their Eyes

The Secret in their Eyes is an Academy Award winning Argentine film. The film impressed me right from the opening shot. The mystery aspect of the film is also thoroughly engaging though we have a writer who is unraveling the mystery than a police officer! The screenplay has been beautifully written and brilliantly filmed. The performers seemed perfect and so was their make up! Half way through the film comes one of the best cinematic shots that lasts almost 5 minutes planned and executed in terrific style. The visual effects in the shot and the cinematography is one of the most admirable works I have seen in some time!

Good Will Hunting

Gus Van Sant is one of those directors who has never failed to impress me. I had previously seen Elephant, Milk and his short film in the series Paris je t'aime. Elephant is also one of my all time favourite! So coming back to writing about this film that I happen to see, it was really wonderful. The writing which actually comes from actors Matt Daemon and Ben Affleck was very impressive. The growth of the story was simply superb. The characters and their dialogues all seemed to be really impressive. Robin Williams plays one of his best written roles in superb style. As of the way the film has been treated, I don't think it could have been treated any better. The fight sequence in the beginning of the film is one that would be remembered for long. 

RGV Ki Aag

Ram Gopal Varma is without doubt one of my favourite directors in Indian cinema just for the reason that he made Shiva, Satya and Company! This along with Mohanlal being cast in the film are the only two reasons why I bought the DVD of aag home and sat through the entire film.  First things first, I also don't believe that Sholay is the greatest movie made in India! But yes indeed it does work as a very interesting film. I remember very little of Sholay now but I do have the idea of the proceedings as I sat to watch Ramu's version. The last one hour of the film and the romance between Ajay Devgan and Nisha Kothari could be considered as one of the most terrifying bit of film making especially because it comes from Ram Gopal Varma. The songs where horrible expect for the track Aag and the background score was simply too loud for me! The cinematography was fine but it did make me dizzy after a while! But Amitabh Bachchan and Mohanlal gave splendid performances though Mohanlal&#…


As the trailer and audio of the film Enthiran are out, here is a feature on one filmmaker who has inspired me to be in movies, Shankar.
Director Shankar as he is referred is a filmmaker from Tamil Nadu. He debuted with the film Gentleman in 1993, made the Kadhalan, Indian, Jeans, Mudhalvan, Nayak, Boys, Anniyan and Sivaji. Now, in September 2010, he would be presenting to his audience yet another film that would just be as overboard as his earlier offerings. This time around he comes up with a Science Fiction film titled Enthiran- the Robot. Shankar is known for films with huge budgets, exotic locations, glamour and style. I believe he is a filmmaker who very well knows the pulse of the audience. His success rate at the box office is the proof of this. Shankar has indeed tasted failure. And that was not just once, but back to back in both 2001 and 2003. The films, Nayak and Boys, did not do the expected business for the money spinning filmmaker. However his next release could have shut …