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Where is the friend's home?

Abbas Kiarostami's Where is the friend's home? is a lovely little film. It has a fabulous little story and made without any kind of gimmick or show off. I know quite a number of people who ask for realism in movies. I wonder if those souls could actually sit through a film like these because this is beyond the realism that they can imagine. Where is the friend's home? is a slow film. It is slow but it is also a picture that grows. The progress of the film is slow for a reason and that is connected with the kind of story that Kiarostami narrates. I wonder how Kiarostami  has managed to execute the classroom scenes in the film and make that child perform so well. The characters, the setting and everything about the film manages to carry so much life and the conclusion of the film is no less wonderful.

The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau is an engaging film. It's beautifully shot and tells a beautiful love story that was refreshing. The characters are great and their performances even better. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt share such great chemistry. The individual scenes of these characters never seem to have the power of the scenes which feature these two splendid performers. The first scene where the characters of Damon and Blunt meet is among the best in the picture. Director and screenwriter, George Nolfi, takes time and carries the film almost brilliantly until the near-end. However, the film deserved a better ending. The last few minutes left me unsatisfied. The film has some fabulous visual effects sequences as well.