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Blind Chance

Blind Chance is a film by the great Polish filmmaker Kieslowski. A film that Kieslowski completed in 1981 took sat almost 6 years without seeing light. Once it saw the light filmmakers from around the world would definitely have got inspired leaving Sliding Doors and Run Lola Run to be the two easiest to be found references. The film is slightly over political yet the approach and the narrative is much bigger than the politics! So, watch what happens to Witek as he runs for the train...


Vishal Bharadwaj's Kaminey is a classic film targeted at the masses. Vishal Bharadwaj could be a genius. He has handled a movie that could turn out to be a total mess at some other guys hand with great brilliance. He has not only managed to execute the film in style but also taken care of the music, screenplay and dialogues of the film. The plot of Kaminey is simple. The construction of the plot is where Vishal and his team has made the magic. As in a Guy Ritchie film here we travel with one character and then at a point slide over to another. The action as in a Quentin Tarantino movie is gonna come hitting at you as hard as you have ever imagined a Bollywood cinema to be (and the better thing here is that you have very less blood compared to QT)! What makes Kaminey have the class is the the fact that it is truely cinematic. Kaminey is a true film and not a hindi film. Vishal Bharadwaj has been able to communicate with his film very universally with the brilliant dark visual treatme…

Mullholland Dr.

Mullholland Dr. is a very interesting film directed by David Lynch.
Mullholland Drive is a love story in the city of dreams. At the same a mystery is Mullholland Drive. Naomi Watts star as Betty and Laura Harring as Rita in this surrealistic film set in Hollywood. The performance by Naomi Watts and the pain she has taken for her role is truely great. Laura, on the other side, manages to grab attention with her brilliant screen presence and her lost emotions.The film moves in a steady pace and has a very powerful audio backup. The Point-of-view shots that Lynch uses quite often in this film has brought about a very powerful impact and a horror feel to the film.
If you like to think. Mullholland Dr. is without question your movie. Don't miss it. For those who don't think, I guess they should watch this and think. It's worth!