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The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec is an adventure film directed by Luc Besson. The film was selected by Besson to be one among his five films to be screened for his retrospective at the International film festival of India 2011. Though I missed it during the festival, I was able to catch up with it once I made it home.  Adele Blanc-Sec was an interesting watch. It had a comic nature throughout and proceeded with plot developments and characters that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. The film has been based on a comic book series as far as I can know from the wikipedia page of the film. The narrative does carry that comic flavor very much for the entire duration of the film. It is delightful for most part except that the film runs a little long and could have been better if it was a tad crisper.
The film demanded a good deal of visual effects but the output wasn't quite as convincing. If it was little more brilliant, I guess that the adventure would have managed with a …

Matching Jack

Matching Jack directed by Nadia Tass was my first film at the 42nd International film festival of India. It was a film based on a true story. A film about a mother and her child. A film on her journey to save her child. A film about love and hope.  The premise and the writing carried a sense of simplicity even as it dealt with complex human conditions. The film was a bit too emotional for me but the heart of the film and the subtle humour all through its narrative made the watch an easy one. The characters were made even more powerful by their effective portrayal is what I should mention. There is a great deal of promise in the premise of the film. It is one that would seem light to everyone but the woman who is actually inside the story. The director was present at the screening and something which she mentioned then made me want to like the film maybe a tad more. She did not make the film in Hollywood and made it in Australia after a good deal of struggle since she did not want to …