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Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry happens to be the first Abbas Kiarostami film I'm seeing. It has a simple yet challenging plot. The movie is definitely not meant for all kinds of moviegoers. The story happens in a small setting, with brilliantly taken long shots and some terrific visual imagery. Though slow, the treatment of the film and the dialogues spoken by the characters will keep the interest quotient alive all the way. Taste of Cherry is a little film with a beautiful heart. Watch it.


Kick-Ass is a superhero movie directed by Matthew Vaughn. Micheal's film making style has striking resemblances to Guy Ritchie's which I can't help remembering evening while seeing this Kick-Ass movie which is quite different from his Layer Cake. Kick-Ass is neatly made and has a couple of interesting moments but the film never really grows up to being something extraordinary. There is Nicholas Cage in an interesting role and he has done that quite well. The rest of the cast don't seem to need any extra mention but except for maybe the little girl.
Kick-Ass is worth a watch but it is not a must watch.


Baraka is an experience. It is unlike the experience from the technical gimmicks of James Cameron or Micheal Bay but something more true and from heart. Baraka can't be enjoyed the folks who believe in the traditional and conventional story telling pattern. If you ask me whether baraka tells a story, I would be confused because I don't know. Maybe there was some great story hidden between the moving cars, the staring people or even the exotic locations. I couldn't follow them as my eyes and mind sunk into the brilliant rhythm and flow of visuals that I have always wanted to see. If you ask me if baraka is long for 93 minutes, I would definitely agree. I did not quite enjoy Baraka all that well towards the last 20 odd minutes. But for the rest of the film it was awesome. Something just like the film - World beyond Words.


I happened to read a bit of Ram Gopal Varma's blog, It was not just interesting but it was an amazing experience. I might even become a regular reader of the space as well. The intelligent and crazy answers of RGV towards the reactions section is also amazing to note.Among a lot of things what has inspired me most where the lines which said ' Both praise and criticism don’t matter to me because I already know what I am and what I am not and I also know the reasons for the same.' I have used the same as my status at various social networking sites as well. The reason for the same being the fact that I agree 101% with Ramu.Also having watched Ramu's debut film I'm even more impressed. Though I'm don't know much of Telugu, I saw Shiva and simply loved it. The rawness and the energy and the use of techniques impressed me a lot. The steadicam shots are simply amazing. I believe that everybody should see Shiva for the brilliant way it …

Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg is one most interesting filmmakers ever. Saving Private Ryan is a masterpiece from the master himself.Saving Private Ryan has a simple story. It follows a neat screenplay. But the film is beyond the words. Janusz Kaminski is a cinematographer and he will put the viewer right in the middle of war for director Steven Spielberg's vision. The film is a bit lengthy yet Spielberg has done a wonderful job. There is very little story that might happen in the 2 hour 30 minutes but it is feel and experience that takes the upper hand. In a way it is different from many of the movies I have seen. I don't have words to write more. Saving Private Ryan is a very interesting piece of film better not missed.


Cinema is actually meant to be the place where a movie which may be shot on film is screened to people. But it has come to be commonly used instead of film and movies. I too personally like it this way. There are things that I love about cinema. Those are the reasons why I have always wanted to be a filmmaker. I don't know if people have felt this but there has always been a lack of clarity of my ideas about movies. I feared a right or wrong in what I said. But since the selection of Irreversible for the festival there has been an air of confidence in me. The lack of clarity in me is almost zero percent now. I now feel that there is no right or wrong in art. Whatever said or done is a freedom, a right to expression. I have always had my own opinions on whatever movie I saw. My analyzing nature tried to criticize everything. I was not satisfied by anything, ever. But indeed I had movies that I loved, but moments I hated in them. There has been a lot of changes little …


It's been a couple of days since I had booked the tickets for Venkat Prabhu's latest film, Goa. I had very little idea about what Goa was going to be like though I had seen a couple of chat shows with Venkat Prabhu, Soundarya Rajnikanth and the actors of the film. I had seen the trailer and the I simply admire the newspaper ad of the film! Chennai 600028 and Saroja, two of the earlier films by Venkat Prabhu had a lot of things in common but they seemed to be entirely different. Being an optimist I hoped for the best as I walked into the R-29 seat at Sathyam Cinemas for the 6.30 show. Venkat Prabhu did not disappoint me. It reminded me of Chennai 600028. Venkat has made the film with more grandness but with the same flair of freshness and fun. The film took time to get a move. But once the protagonists started for Goa the movie was on. There was no looking back! Premgi Amaran is terrific as Sami in the film. His look and performance is total fun. It is he who has he…