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The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is a slow thriller. The film is set in a limited environment and there aren't many characters to worry about. The proceedings take their own time to happen and it has interesting plot developments as well. The sound design of the film works effectively in the beginning of the film and also in setting the ambiance of the film later on the day calls in for the night. The rainy setting adds a cinematic flavor and the less use of dialogues keeps the tension on the right side.  But there are some things that does not help the film. The second act of the film seems rather too slow with almost no real plot development happening. The psycho killer who is on the run is too liberal with his killings as I was forced to feel that a couple of kills would have made him more fearful and exciting to wait for. Also there aren't too many characters to suspect the killer to be but even with the limited space the maker has managed to bring a conclusion that wasn't all predictab…