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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

The fourth installment of the Mission Impoosible series comes from Brad Bird, the director who made animation films like The Incredibles and Ratatouille. I saw the film twice. First at Cinemax, Ernakulam and later at the Prasads, Hyderabad. I hadn't posted the about the film earlier because I hoped to catch up with this film a second time before I gave away what I thought. The experience that I had at the two viewing where entirely different. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol only has selected footage shot using IMAX cameras but even then the viewing of the IMAX version gave a totally new dimension. Beyond the quality of a film, the experience that it gives you is something that is very hard for me to describe with the vocabulary I know. The viewing of Ghost Protocol in the IMAX screen was one such. Ghost Protocol is a little different from the other films so far in the series. More than the freshness of the cast, the lighter tone that Brad Bird has successfully introduced w…

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

I haven't seen Journey to the Center of the Earth but I definitely dint want to miss this sequel, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, because I dint see the earlier part. It had two reasons. One, it was in stereoscopic 3D and the second was that I was in the Prasads, Hyderabad to see it in IMAX. Before the actual film took off itself I was definitely loving the IMAX 3D experience. It was unlike anything that I had experienced all these 22 years. This was nothing but pure unadultered awesomeness! The 3D animated film called Daffy's Rhapsody was very forgettable except for its show off in stereoscopic 3D. But when Journey 2 began, that was something. Journey 2 is a highly flawed film. I wouldn't have enjoyed it this much if I had seen it in a normal digital projection with glasses. But watching the film in IMAX 3D was so much life. The screen filled my whole vision, well almost! There are some moments in the film when I was literally on the edge of the seat. The content and t…

Second Show

This post isn't meant to offend anyone. But if you feel that I'm a bitching asshole, I'm sorry. I still want to post this.

Ok, this post might go a little too long. This isn't a review for you to decide if you need to spend money to watch this film called Second Show. This is a writing of the director's friend, who later on turned out to be an assistant director in his film and then a movie goer who ended up seeing the film his friend made.

Chapter 1: Build up
Before I write anything about the film that I have seen, I would like a rewind. Like a cliched boy who is about to propose to his girl, I bloody don't know where to begin! Your blogger, that's me, Appu N. Bhattathiri, happened to have worked in this film called Second Show as an assistant director. Yes, I know that line sounds like a self promotion sort of a stuff, but it's the truth! I'm a guy with some complexes which I have to admit. Even though I'm proud that am p…