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The Life of David Gale

The Life of David Gale is a film that tells the story of a man who is an opposer of capital punishment but accused of the murder of a fellow activist and is in death row. Now that is a plot that Charles Randolph has come up with to Alan Parker, the British filmmaker.  The protagonist happens to be Kevin Spacey who plays the character of David Gale with such ease. It is not just Kevin but everyone in the cast does their part quite well in the film. Laura Linney and Kate Winslet who does not hold as much screen time as Kevin, still manages to have some powerful roles to play. The film has been shot in Texas, and it is set in Texas, with frames that are wonderful. The editing and the music also have got its share of style in the narration. The writing does have some trouble. There are certain elements that look a bit too old for the whole film. I'm referring to a cowboy who would be following the journalist and her intern. The narrative of the film also does not offer much surprises th…