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The Sea Inside

Alejandro Amenabar is the director of the Nicole Kidman film The Others. The film is a mystery thriller that deals with the subjects of ghost. A film that relied greatly on the performance of Kidman was a film that was quite interesting especially for the writing. The filmmaker comes with a completely different film three years after The Others in 2004. And that film is the Sea Inside, a film that tells about the suffering of a man. A true story of a man named Ramon Sampedro. The film though deals with a rather dull story has to been told very interestingly by the director. What makes the film worth seeing is also the simplistic nature of the story telling. With a protagonist who hardly moves, the maker of the film has managed to narrate a very moving piece of film.  Javier Bardem plays the lead player in the film. He plays the role which seems so comfortable to him. Even the supporting cast of the film do a splendid job making the film a very interesting watch. The film beyond the asp…

The Bicycle Thieves

The Bicycle Thieves is a masterpiece. It has a heart and it is in the right place. There is a very simplistic nature to the characters and the setting of the film. This nature along with the innocence is what I  loved about the bicycle thieves. The film has been shot in the brilliant backdrops of Italy and the story has been splendidly visualized on screen without any glamour by direcotr Vittorio De Sica. The writing is sharp and crisp. The bicycle thieves even today has some sort of a freshness within it and that is the sign of a masterpiece!

Kramer vs. Kramer

Kramer vs. Kramer deals with the story of relationships. Based on novel, the film has a terrific content. Robert Benton who has adapted and directed it has made a remarkable film. Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep and Jane Alexander give wonderful performances. Alongside them would be Justin Henry, who acts as the son of the Kramer's, Billy Kramer. This has to be one of the better child performances ever! Dustin Hoffman in the lead role shares terrific chemistry with Justin Henry. The scene when Justin wakes up and walks over to the bed of Dustin is simply terrific. The scene where Ted runs with Billy to the hospital was just too well made. And also watch out for the scene where Ted Kramer's friend Phyllis Bernard meets Billy! Kramer vs. Kramer would be one film that I will remember for a long time.


[Rec] follows the style of Blair Witch Project. But the format, the budget and every about the film is slightly bigger and better. But what is so sick is the content the film has to deal with. The plot reminded me of Resident Evil from the word go but the video style making and the beautiful TV girl manages get the proceedings going for sometime. But after the first plot point the things begin to fall on predictable lines for the sometime which makes the film rather a bit boring! But the makers of the film makes an interesting finale to end things up.
[Rec] is different from Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity in the matter of silence. Here the film has been filled with so much conversation and shouting. But what remains the same is that it still has some horror in it!


Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless is a film that stays true to its title in style. The film follows a rather simple storyline. The screenplay is tightly packed and what further makes the proceedings interesting is the editing of the film. The film makes use of jump cuts to a great extent which was not a familiar style during the making of the film. The cuts the duration of the characters breathing, which makes the dialogues and conversation flow so continuously without a pause. Though the style seems to be odd at certain points, Godard has managed to make a great impact with his narrative.


Watching Inception a second time, I actually loved it more. Christopher Nolan is indeed one hell of a filmmaker. What I truly admired in the second watch besides Nolan's master imagination are the editing by Lee Smith and the background score by Hans Zimmer. I doubt if this is a great score from the side of Zimmer but I'm sure it works well with the movie. The editing by Smith is uncompromisingly the back bone of this film. He has not let room for the tempo of the film to go down at any point. Watch out for the scenes of DiCaprio with Ellen Page in the first hour of the film.  Though I do feel that Nolan's dialogues lacked the punch which he had in his previous movies, his gripping screenplay tries to cover things up. He has also managed to explain an interesting idea, which do have references to the Matrix, with a good deal of clarity. Though I do have certain doubts about the idea of limbo, I'm not really bothered! I loved the film and happy to have watched it again.

Public Enemies

Michael Mann's Public Enemies is a period film that has been shot digitally without the glamor of artificial lighting. It may be disturbing for many of the viewers to see this film which gives the feeling of watching a documentary or a video on TV. It seems Michael Mann wanted this feel and has made the film like this after a hell lot of thought. Public Enemies is based on some true events, so Mann wanted the realism factor in his film has opted this kind of a look for the film. I was indeed affected a bit by the look of the film and felt myself uncomfortable in watching it. The sound design of the film too is strangely in the style of a video! But Mann's brilliant screenplay makes the film going. The interesting performances and the weird making of the film does deserve a look!