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The Amazing Spider-Man

The amazing Spider-Man from director Marc Webb is a disappointing watch. Caught up with the Spider-Man in 3D and the even then things dint seem to be going in a very positive direction. There is some stunning 3D visuals towards the end of the film but a film isn't completely about the 3D experience but a totality. The amazing Spider-Man fails in this totality. The writing is slow and emotional there is no shit that works. There are a new set of actors, technicians, plot points, and even a new villain. But rarely can all these department give such disappointing an output. It has happened here. Even certain visual effects shots looked in complete and weak which is a surprise for a film like this!
I feel Marc Webb should go back to making romance films. He was so good with 500 Days of Summer.

I found myself the time to revisit the Sam Raimi version of Spider-Man as well. That film seemed to work a little more with me than this so-called Amazing version even now! But there was always this disturbing constrain of space in Sam Raimi films (Spider-Man 1,2,3 and Drag Me to Hell to be specific). The interior and the action sequences seem to have the feel of being shot in a closed studio floor than on an actual location. I don't know how he has shot them but the visuals dint completely please me even when the framing and things seemed rather fine. Some of the visual effects seemed real cool while a lot of the Goblin effects seemed rather cheap at this viewing.
The romance or the love quotient in Sam Raimi's film works way beyond the Marc Webb version. The villain's case is also no different. However, there are some interesting things about the Amazing Spider-Man of Webb as well. The sequence of him becoming Spider-Man and his realization of power and stuff all look a better more mature.
I'm not completely sure which Spider-Man is better of these two. It leaves me confused when I try to think over. What is certain is there can be a lot better version of Spider-Man than these two because both these versions leave one so much unsatisfied. Just in case Christopher Nolan manages to step in to the writing department of the Spider-Man franchise, I guess there would be some serious film than visual effects and CG nonsense!


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