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English Vinglish

English Vinglish is a film that I liked. It happens to be the comeback film of Sridevi and she is such a fabulous actor. I'm not sure if I have seen many films of Sridevi earlier largely because she has featured in just this one film after my birth.
English Vinglish is not an entirely refreshing film if you ask me. Like any film, this one is also not for everyone. The film directed by Gauri Shinde has a lot of details that I was able to relate to and I found the film a beautiful, easy watch.
Gauri Shinde makes her debut with this film. Her making is simple and straight and she manages to get great results from her artists. Her story-line is like an underdog tale of a woman and the screenplay moves at a brisk pace. The first half sets the tone of the film and she does that very well. The greatest strength of Gauri and the film would easily be Sridevi, who is so real and full of life in the film. Sridevi carries of the scenes with such ease even when the writing puts in front of he…