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I haven't seen the original version of the film, Nidra, which was directed by Bharathan. But the version his son, Sidharth Bharathan, made was lovable for the way it was made.
Nidra is a neat film. It has a writing material well adapted by Sidharth and Santhosh. The dialogues from Santhosh Echikkanam are bang on! Loved the visuals of the film as well but it seemed to have an excess of blue all over it. I wonder if Sameer Thahir did that to cover up for the excess of white that he might have had to  accommodate while shooting on the Red camera.
The music and background score of the film sounded well with the film. The editing and sound design were no less good. It did feel as though there where a couple of instances when the footages jumped creating a disturbance for a second or two. But, otherwise the editing by Bavan Sreekumar was just too good. I loved the editing on all those scenes that featured the redish look from Sameer and the scene at the dining table that featured one exceptional brilliant play with some close up of eyes of the different characters.
Sidharth, though a brilliant filmmaker, dint quite give a performance that was as brilliant. He looked good at parts but not always. Rima Kallingal was the better one in the cast along with KPAC Lalitha, who had a small little character. However, the voice of Rima was a huge disappointment. The dubbing side did have a lot of messed up parts that it was definitely one department that deserved to be better.
The film that runs just around 100 minutes was one that I felt totally worth. It was an experience that was just as beautiful and lovely as watching one of those Kim Ki-duk films like Spring Summer Fall Winter!


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